Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia
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JSPI:Suicide in Young People


Chapter 1: Epidemiology of Suicide in Asia

Chapter 2: Socio-economic, Cultural, and Religious Factors Affecting Suicide Prevention in Asia

Chapter 3: Creating Public Awareness in Asia of Depression as Treatable and Suicide as Preventable

Chapter 4: Improving Portrayal of Suicide in the Media in Asia

Chapter 5: Educating Gatekeepers in Asia

Chapter 6: Innovative Approaches in Asia to Identifying Those at Risk for Suicide

Chapter 7: Reducing Access in Asia to Lethal Means of Self-harm

Chapter 8: Improving Treatment in Asia of Depression and Other Disorders that Convey Suicide Rish

Chapter 9: Addressing in Asia the Problems of Survivors of Suicide

Chapter 10: Suicide Prevention in Asia: Future Directions