Mission Statement
Suicide Prevention International (SPI) is the leading not-for-profit organization developing, implementing, and funding suicide prevention projects in the United States and worldwide. SPI utilizes its international network of experts to decide what projects are most likely to prevent suicide, selects the investigators to work on them, and is an active partner in conducting the projects from beginning to end. SPI is also concerned with providing support to survivors of suicide - children, youth, and adults who have lost a relative or friend to suicide. In furtherance of these goals, SPI undertakes educational projects aimed at mental health professionals who deal with suicidal patients or survivors, as well as educational and outreach projects intended for the public.
Current Suicide Prevention Initiatives
  Who are Survivors of Suicide?
Suicide Bereavement is Unique
Unique Problems of Survivors of Suicide
Children as Survivors of Suicide
Value of Support Groups
Support for Survivors
Model Program
Suicide Prevention International (SPI)
Contacting Us

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