The Junior Committee of Suicide Prevention International (J-SPI) works with its parent organization, Suicide Prevention International (SPI), to bring the benefits of scientific knowlege to programs that provide help for those who are suicidal or those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Youth Suicide Prevention and Support for Young Survivors

J-SPI is based in New York City and works to:

We give a voice and provide resources for children, teenagers and young adults under the age of 30 who are suicidal or have lost a loved one to suicide. Some of us have a friend who may be at risk and some of us have lost a brother, a sister, a parent or a friend to suicide.The Owl is our symbol for awareness and wisdom in the dark.

To prevent youth suicide
To help young survivors of suicide

Feeling Suicidal?
Confidential Online Consultation
Available for young people 13-24



Suicide Prevention Events

November 17th - New York, NY Fall Harvest Festival

The 2009 Fall Harvest Festival, an evening of fine food, wine, and desserts, took place on Nov 17, 2009, at City Year. Top NYC restaurants offered tastings of their signature dishes. All proceeds benefitted SPI's work and the event helped to raise awareness of SPI's exciting new youth suicide prevention projects.

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