Song for Survivors

Download and Hear "I'm a Survivor",
by Survivor and Songwriter Erik Hendin

"When I lost my girlfriend Stevie to suicide, the pain was unimaginable. There were many times I didn't think I would make it through, or ever have a chance at feeling happiness again. Music was the vehicle for my grief, loss and isolation. I began to write songs to try to make sense of something that had completely shattered my world. At first the songs were filled with despair, numbness and regret. As time progressed and I began to reach out for help I found a great deal of support from other survivors who had been through the same process I had. It made all the difference to know I wasn't alone, and to meet people who eventually were able to find happiness again. "I'm a Survivor" is a song I wrote when I began to feel hope again. Now years later I am grateful in saying I have been able to find happiness. If there is anything I would say to a fellow survivor, it is that you are not alone, be patient with yourself, and seek out support groups and therapy - there are resources out there if you need them."
Erik Hendin