Role of Intense Affects in Predicting Short-term Risk for Suicidal Behavior: A Prospective Study (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, Rayan K. Al Jurdi, Patricia R. Houck, Susan Hughes, J. Blake Turner
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 198:3, March 2010

Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, Michael R. Phillips, Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Jane Perkis, Hong Wang, Paul Yip, Danuta Wasserman, José Bertolote, Alexandra Fleischmann
WHO Press, World Health Organization, September, 2008
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Physician-Assisted Suicide in Oregon: A Medical Perspective (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, M.D. and Kathleen Foley, M.D.
The Michigan Law Review, Volume 106; 8, June 2008

The Psychosocial Context of Trauma in Treating PTSD Patients (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin M.D., John T. Maltsberger M.D., Kathleen Szanto M.D.
American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 165; 1, January 2008

Licensing and Physician Mental Health: Problems and Possibilities(pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, M.D., Charles Reynolds, M.D., Dan Fox, Ph.D., Steven I. Altchuler, PhD., M.D., Phillip Rodgers, Ph.D., Laura Rothstein, J.D., Mark Rothstein, J.D., Peter Mansky, M.D., Barbara Schneidman, M.D., Luis Sanchez, M.D., James N. Thompson, M.D.
The Journal of Medical Licensure and Discipline, Volume 93, Number 2, 2007

The Role of Intense Affective States in Signaling a Suicide Crisis (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, M.D., John T. Maltsberger, M.D. and Katalin Szanto, M.D.
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Volume 195, Number 5, May 2007

Problems in Psychotherapy With Suicidal Patients (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, Ann Pollinger Haas, John Maltsberger, Bethany Koestner, Katalin Szanto
American Journal of Psychiatry, 163:1, January 2006

Factors Contributing to Therapists' Distress After the Suicide of a Patient (pdf format)
Herbert Hendin, Ann Pollinger Haas, John Maltsberger, Katalin Szanto, Heather Rabinowicz
American Journal of Psychiatry, 161:8, August 2004

Determination of Precipitating Events in the Suicide of Psychiatric Patients (pdf format)
John T. Maltsberger, Herbert Hendin, Ann Pollinger Haas, Alan Lipschitz
Suicide and Life -Threatening Behavior, Volume 33, Number 2, Summer 2003