European Alliance Against Depression

Investigators in Nuremberg, Germany developed a successful community-based action program to improve the care of depressed people and to prevent suicidality. It is  based on a multilevel approach targeting four key groups: primary care physicians, media and the general public, community gatekeepers, and depressed and/or suicidal individuals and their families. Launched in Nuremberg in 2000 and utilizing Wurzberg as a control city, the program’s results were so encouraging that it became a model for 16 countries in Europe and spread to regions throughout Germany. Only in Germany, is data being collected for control sites for each of the projects. That data collection has created the exceptional opportunity of examining a large enough  sample population (7.4 million) and an even larger control group with enough statistical power to demonstrate any significant effect on completed suicide. SPI is working with the German investigators to implement this important and challenging task. This would be a landmark accomplishment that would be a powerful stimulus to suicide prevention initiatives not just in Germany but worldwide.


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